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Invertek VSD Drives for energy optimization

INVERTEK AC Variable Speed Drives

Invertek Drives

Invertek Drives manufactures easy to use variable speed drives for industrial automation applications around the world.

Optidrive AC variable speed drives (VSDs) provide energy efficient control of electric motors in applications that include fans, pumps, industrial automation, building services and elevators/lifts.

Invertek Drives provide compact, easy to use drives for a massive range of automation applications. From World class motor control in applications such as cranes and winding;  to dust proof and wash-down duty enclosed drives for arduous environments; to general purpose drives providing highly cost effective solutions for low power applications.

  • Mining

  • Quarrying

  • Metal Processing

  • Rubber & Plastics

  • Food & Beverages

  • Baggage Handling

  • Textile Processes
  • Agriculture

Optidrive Elevator is a compact, easy to use variable speed drive from Invertek Drives. Dedicated to this sector, Optidrive Elevator is specifically designed to provide smooth, reliable carriage control in all elevator applications whether geared or gearless.

  • Geared & gearless lift applications

Invertek Drives provides innovative, easy to use solutions for the energy efficient maintenance of environments within buildings. Optidrive HVAC has been specifically designed to deliver improved performance, control and energy savings in fan and pump applications in building services.