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Customer Testimonials on Preventive Maintenance

"James "Kobus" Botha has subcontracted at Steel Pipe Fabrications as a maintenance consultant for the past 6 years. In this time he has worked with us to implement a PM schedule and inspection routines on our overhead cranes, hydraulic roll machines as well as our Sub-arch welding equipment.

James "Kobus" is highly skilled in troubleshooting disciplines both electrical and mechanical. He has a keen eye for safety hazards and helped us to eliminate several possible safety threats. He has a fine personality and goes out of his way to establish rapport with our production staff on the floor.This puts him in a position where he can identify a large number of the problems at a very early stage. He created substantial savings for the company by diligently and effectively repairing instead of replacing faulty components.

Our core business is manufacturing large steel pipes and to streamline our material handling procedure, James has upgraded and synchronized our overhead cranes with state of the art technology. James proved to be caring for our interests and thus we grew into a relationship where we do not see him as an independent contractor but as part of our team.

Ever since the inception of our relationship we  have seen our downtime drop by 30% from previous years and total cost on parts diminish by thousands of dollars per year.

James has proven to be easy to work with and eager to help the company be competitive and I can say without a doubt Millwright Automation puts its clients interest first."

- Jim Klehm, General Manager, Steel Pipe Fabricators


"For two years James "Kobus" has subcontracted at Kocher & Beck as a maintenance consultant. In this time he worked with us to implement a PM system, inspection system on the building along with internal equipment. He has proven very efficient with various troubleshooting disciplines both electrical and mechanical. He has created substantial savings for the company on our older equipment by retrofitting new components in place of obsolete parts He has also helped establish us with some reputable supplies for our industry.
Due to the efforts mentioned above we have seen or downtime drop 20% from previous years and total cost on parts diminish by $30 000/year.

James has proven to be easy to work with along with being eager to help the company be competitive."

- Jamie Sedore, Manufacturing Manager, Kocher & Beck, 2009


"We at Valiant Steel want to recommend James "Kobus" for contracted maintenance services. Valiant Steel entered into a maintenance/refurbishing agreement with James (then at EMMS) in July 2007 for maintenance and repair services and has relied upon him for most all of our maintenance needs since.

James went beyond maintenance and helped us to salvage and refurbish several of our redundant machines. He has taken old machines which we thought were only good for being recycled and turned them into items to be proud of, with state of the art control systems that made these machines as good as new. By doing this James helped us to save some 45% on the price of new equipment.

I personally found James Botha to have the ability to improvise and retrofit equipment and thus extend the life of my machines beyond my expectations. In both electrical and mechanical disciples, Valiant Steel depends on James with the knowledge that our down time will be as short as one can expect."

- Jim Licata, Owner, Valiant Steel

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr JP Botha (Kobus) from the Millwright Workshop. I have known him for 3 years.

Kobus has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. Kobus maintains functionality and reliability of our facility systems and associated equipment by implementing preventative maintenance programs; testing systems and equipment; restoring, repairing, rebuilding, or replacing faulty  or inoperative components and parts. He has hands on mechanical, electrical and hydraulic experience.

In addition Kobus always responded to calls after hours and provided technical assistance over the telephone or in person if/as necessary.

Kobus would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement."

- H.B. Geyer, Managing Director, Silverton Reinforcement Supplies

South Africa, 2005

"Kobus has been associated with our company for 1 year and it is with pleasure that I recommend him.

We have made use of the Millwright Workshop (Kobus) to service a number of our key accounts - e.g. Mines (Iron, Platinum and chrome) as well as other manufacturing companies. His main responsibility is to ensure that all repair and maintenance activities assigned to him are completed. He has proven to be most capable in respects to new installations, faultfinding, breakdowns as well as searching for new business. Kobus has hands on mechanical, electrical and hydraulic experience. He also maintains systems and equipment by completing preventive maintenance schedules. Kobus has always complied with all work instructions including those pertaining to safety, health and quality.

Kobus' performance and attitude has at all times been satisfactory and on occasion exceeded expectations. He responds to calls during off shifts and where necessary he ahs provided technical assistance over the telephone.

Kobus would be an asset to any organization."

- Peter Turchetti - Director Technical Service & Africa Sales,

Elephant Lifting Equipment, South Africa, 2005

"Mr J.P. Botha (Kobus), from the Millwright Workshop has been servicing and repairing our cranes for the past three years.

Kobus is a hard-working responsible person who has always delivered a job well done. He has extensive hands on experience in repairing, rebuilding or replacing of faulty components. Kobus has the ability to do faultfinding and therefore gets to the bottom of the problem in no time. He has also implemented preventive maintenance programs and testing of the equipment and systems.

In the three years we have known and made use of Kobus' service he has always responded to call outs, even if ti were after hours. We have found Kobus to be honest and dependable.

I would like to Kobus all of the best in his new venture and am positive that he will make a success of any assignment which may come his way."

- CK Narbonese, Director, Ferro Eleganza

South Africa, 2005